Want to tone your muscles?


Want toned arms, and legs, and abs?

Well guess what? There’s no such thing as toning! Yep, I said it, and I’ll say it again; there’s no such thing as toning.

Hear me out.

To most people, toning means firm muscles and a defined shape. But muscles can’t change their length or hardness; they can only change their size by either hypertrophy (muscle gain) or atrophy (muscle loss).

Toning has been redefined, and in our day and age, it’s a gender associated word. Toning up is used for girls, and gaining muscle for guys. And what’s funny is that they mean the exact same thing!

If you want to see muscles, guy or girl, you need to lose fat and lift weights! And for all the ladies out there freaking out about looking too ‘bulky’, well guess what? It’s gonna take a LOT more than just heavy weights for that to happen. Women don’t produce high enough levels of testosterone in their bodies to be able to produce those big muscles that men can.

This also touches slightly on my blog from last week about spot reduction. You can’t just ‘tone up’ your triceps by doing 100 dips, that’s not going to work because you need to lose fat around the muscle first, and as pointed out last week, you can’t spot reduce!

There is only one way to get that firm and defined look, and that is to lose fat overall, and lift weights to gain muscle.

Go on then. Get your lift on!

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