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On the weekend, my best friend conquered her fear of heights. I only found out about her fear when I casually mentioned that we should go skydiving when we visit New Zealand later this year. She instantly freaked and said no, no, no, no, no…and then maybe no a few more times after that.

(Since composing this blog, another one of my best friends who also has a fear of heights has agreed to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb with me this weekend!)

All of this got me thinking about people who fear exercise. And yes, as silly as it sounds, some people genuinely fear it.

Fear: The gym is scary

For a beginner, the gym can be a pretty scary environment; with rows of machines you’ve never seen or heard of before, and you, feeling out of place and not knowing where to start or how to use the equipment. It’s a perfectly normal feeling. Just remember, everyone had to start somewhere, even the pros. There should always be an instructor or trainer on every gym floor, so go up to them and ask for help.

Fear: Getting too bulky

I tend to hear this fairly often from the ladies. I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog already; you don’t need to worry about getting bulky! Females don’t produce high enough levels of testosterone in their bodies to be able to bulk up like men.

Fear: Getting hurt

This fear is seen a bit more in the middle aged and older adults than the youngsters. Maybe they’ve had a previous incident or fall before and this is shaken their confidence. Well all the more reason to work out! Exercise builds confidence; confidence that they know they can successfully execute an exercise without injury.

Fear: Insecure

Some might fear going to the gym or exercising because they feel everyone is looking and judging them. You may feel this way, but gyms are actually a very friendly environment. There are a few ladies at the gym I work at who go out for coffee together after every session; and even invite the newbies along! Most of the time, other gym goers are so caught up in their own workout; they barely notice their surroundings, that is unless you’re using the machine they want! Another insecurity is they think they’re too weak and won’t be able to lift heavy weights compared to others. I’ve heard of people who work out at home until they’re fit enough to go to the gym. Again; every expert was once a beginner!

Fear: I can’t do it

Yes you can. Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body does.

So if fear is something that’s holding you back from going to the gym or exercising, figure out how you can overcome it, so you can be amazing.


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