Those who know me know I absolutely love food. I am all for it. I will always have room for more. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I am all for snacking too!

Studies have shown that healthy snacks consumed throughout the day can have a positive effect on weight loss and energy levels.

Snacking allows your digestive system to process nutrients from your food more efficiently, which helps to regulate your blood sugar and maintain your energy levels.

Another study suggests that snacking helps prevent overeating at meal time by controlling your appetite. When you don’t snack between meals or skip meals altogether, your body doesn’t know when its next meal will be, so it will hold onto the extra fat for protection (energy) and you’ll end up eating more during your next meal.

Snacking also provides you the opportunity to add on good-for-you nutrients to your diet which may have been missed in a main meal.

Here are some tips for healthy snacking:

  • Eat regular meals – going hungry makes you more likely to pig out on extra snacks, which isn’t good especially if those extra snacks are bad for you
  • Plan your snacks – write a shopping list, and avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry (studies have shown you tend to make bad grocery decisions when hungry)
  • Carry healthy snacks with you – pre-prepare your snacks and include a variety to avoid boredom. Make sure your snacks are light, otherwise you’ll less likely want to take it if it’s too much of a hassle to make or carry around
  • Stock healthy snacks at home – suggestions include yoghurt, nuts, homemade dips and wholemeal crisps. Keeping them in sight will also mean you’re more likely to grab it then to look for something less healthy
  • Resist junk food – say no to junk food that is high in salt and sugar. It’s fine to have them occasionally, just not as an everyday snack
  • Portion control – stick to the suggested serving size. Don’t turn your snack into a main meal
  • Don’t skip breakfast – those who avoid breakfast tend to nibble on snacks, which isn’t a big deal, unless those snacks are junk food

Snack attack!

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