Muscle – Mind Connection


What is it?

Muscle Mind Connection is focusing on the muscle you are working. This technique is used to boost the results of your exercise and improve the quality of your workout.

When exercising, your brain sends out signals to the muscles being worked to contract.

The idea behind the Muscle-Mind Connection or ‘neuromuscular communication’ is to develop great mind-muscle control by moving very slowly through both phases (concentric & eccentric/up & down) of a repetition while concentrating on the muscle being worked.

An excellent example of this is an upright barbell row; pulling the bar in towards your belly (concentric phase) and retracting/squeezing your scapular together at the top, and protracting on the way down (eccentric phase). Concentrating on the muscle as you’re working out!

Creating that muscle-mind connection also ensures you are using the correct form during exercise which not only increases your gains, but also decreases your risk of injury.

This technique also teaches you to relax muscles which are not needed in order to completely focus on the muscle required and improve overall performance.

So give this a go next time you’re at the gym!


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  1. Love it! Great piece of reading my friend 🙂

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