I am a very impatient person. Someone once told me it was because I was an Aries. I think it’s because I hate feeing like I’m wasting my time.

So when I started this business, I wanted to see results ASAP.

And obviously I didn’t, because that’s not how things work. And I knew I wasn’t going to see results straight away. I knew I needed to put in the hard work, and to build from the bottom up, and yet I still felt disappointed when things weren’t living up to my unrealistic expectations.

And I think we all have those in our lives. We get so excited when we start something new, but we expect so much from it and so fast, that when we don’t see results straight away, we want to quit, we wonder why we even bothered starting.

I saw it a lot as a trainer. Clients envisioned mass drops on the scale by doing a few squats and push ups. But that’s not how the body works. On top of exercise, eating well, building healthy habits and being consistent is required to even begin to see any real results.

We need to continue to put in the hard work despite our slow progress (and there will be progress!), we need to be focused, and most importantly, we need to be patient, and slowly but surely, things will fall into place, and you’ll see the fruits of your labour.

Because good things come to those who wait.

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