It’s Nice To Just Be Nice

I had just finished catching up with my best friend last week. We parted ways after our much overdue catch up. She went back to uni and I jumped on a tram to make my way back into the city.

As I hopped on the tram and took my seat, I pulled my book out of my bag (I’m currently reading Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada) and sat it on my lap as I started doing something else on my phone.

The woman who was sat across from me started asking me about my book…and then one conversation led to another, and she started telling me her story of her relationship with her niece. She told me how they didn’t have a relationship anymore, but she tries to keep in touch, especially for her 3 children, the oldest being 15. She mentioned how her niece has a very strong influence over her children, and seemed to be trying to keep them away from her. But every year, on their birthdays and at Christmas, she’ll write them a card. In between, she’ll send them an email. And every year on their birthdays and at Christmas, and all the other times in between, she never receives a thanks or even a reply.

And as she was telling me her story, I could tell it really upset her.

She asked me ‘he’s about to turn 16 soon, do you think I should write him a card?’

‘Yes’ I said, ‘because it’s nice to just be nice.’

And she knew I was right, and she agreed. ‘Yes, I think I will write to him. And at least he’ll know I’m thinking of him and his sisters’.

At the end of the day, being nice doesn’t hurt anybody.

Be nice to someone you know, be nice to someone you used to know, or even be nice to someone you don’t know; because it’s nice to just be nice. You never know who you’ll bring a smile to with your niceness, you never know who really needs to hear it or feel it, and you never know what can come of it.

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