Rethink Your Way to Success

I had this website about 4 years ago, but it was called something else. It was still health and fitness related, but it was something I did as a hobby. I think it lasted about 2 months before I was bored and unmotivated to maintain it.

When I relaunched this site, along with my facebook page, I was quite nervous about that potentially happening again; but I’m about 5 months in and I’m still loving every moment.

And it made me realise, when you’re really passionate or interested in something, it makes things a lot more effortless.

Things are easier, you have more motivation, and you’re excited to do it.

And I think if we thought about our health and fitness journey in this same manner, it would seem less like a chore, and we would be more encouraged by it.

Take exercise for example. If you hate going to the gym, but know you have to, you will dread going. You will um and ah, and procrastinate for as long as humanly possible. But if you love outdoor running or hiking, you’ll be more motivated to do these things.

Both are forms of physical activity, but one you hate and one you love. When you make something out to be a chore, you give it a negative association, and become discouraged by it. You’re more inclined to do the things you love.

So think about this next time you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated or discouraged. You might just need to tackle it from another angle.

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