Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

“You have to start getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable”.

This was the advice of a friend of mine when I spoke to her about starting my business.

At the time, I kind just thought “yep sure, ok” and then brushed it aside.

And then I got a bit stale, and I realised what she meant.

If I wanted to grow my business, I was going to have to put myself out there, way more than I ever have.

So I’ve started an Instagram page (@coach_phuong), and I’m providing informative videos on youtube ( It doesn’t sound like much, but I’ll be putting myself in a vulnerable position which is very scary for me.

I think we can all learn from my friend’s advice. Comfort is nice, but you don’t grow there, and you don’t have amazing experiences there either.

You don’t have to do anything too drastic, start small, and build on that. You never know what will happen, it has potential to launch you towards something truly incredible.

You know what they say; life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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