Falling Off The Bandwagon

The last few weeks, I’ve been very slack with exercise. At first, it was because of work. It consumed my life so I had no time to squeeze in a workout. Then, when my schedule slowed down, I just couldn’t be bothered. It took a lot of willpower to get me out the door, and even when I got to the gym, I did the bare minimum and got the hell out of there as soon as I could.

However, throughout all this, I never felt too guilty. Sometimes it was justified because I was exhausted, or had a very early start with a late finish, other times, I was just plain lazy.

I fell off the bandwagon.

You know what? It happens. And you want to know what else? Sometimes, you NEED to fall off the wagon in order to realise you actually want to get back on it again.

Take for example a junk food binge. You try to eat fairly well, fairly often. And then you just get a craving, like, a monster craving, where you demolish absolutely everything in sight. Or, you have a girls/boys night, and you know you shouldn’t, or you don’t really want to, but everybody else is partaking in the pizza and beers, and you don’t want to be left out, so you join in. And then the next day, you feel absolutely rubbish. I’m talking absolutely filthy, heavy, sluggish and just plain blergh. And that’s when you realise, ‘s#*t, I never want to feel this bad ever again’.

And that is why you need to fall off the wagon. Because it makes you realise that you actually enjoy the way your body feels when you treat it right. You just forget that when you don’t feel the other end of the spectrum very often.

So don’t be too harsh on yourself when you fall off the bandwagon, because sometimes, it’s just the motivator you need in order to keep at your healthy habits.

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