Want To Be Healthy.

I caught up with my best friend yesterday. We talked, we laughed and we drank (maybe a bit too much…)

One thing, in particular, we talked about is something I want to share with you all today. It’s about eating and exercising.

My friend is not fat; far from it. She’s got a rocking body and curves in all the right places (rude actually), she eats well and goes to the gym a few times a week.

When her father who hadn’t seen her in almost a year saw her, he made a comment at dinner about her losing weight (or trying to lose weight), when in actual fact, she wasn’t trying to do either, she was just looking after her body.

She eats well because she enjoys eating healthy, and will have a treat whenever she feels like it without feeling guilty.

She exercises not because she needs to or feels guilty after eating poorly, she does it because she enjoys it and wants to.

As a trainer, I hear a lot of people talking about ‘I need to do this and that because’, and instead of just enjoying life, all these healthy habits turn into a chore. And when something becomes a chore, you’ll less likely want to do it.

This goes to show how important your mindset is on achieving your goals. The way we view healthy habits will influence the outcome of your healthy journey. It’s important to look at healthy eating and exercise as something you want to and look forward to doing, not something you need to do. It would make your life a lot easier!

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