Stop Listening To The Noise

I’m moving to England.

In August, I’ll be taking a little trip to Egypt and Morocco, and then flying up to England to start my new life.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m brave for doing this, for moving all by myself, for leaving my friends, my family, and my job behind to move over to a country where I hardly know anyone, have no job lined up, and no accommodation set up.

I’ve had people tell me the cost of living is astronomical, I’ve had people say ‘oh I couldn’t do that’ and ‘I’d feel so lonely’, and I’ve also had people say the locals aren’t very nice. And I started to feel a bit nervous.

But you know what I realised? I shouldn’t be listening to all that noise. It’s clouding my judgement and has potential to derail me from my goals. I was full of confidence before all that noise got in my head. Yes, I am aware they are all things I seriously need to consider, but that’s all part of life’s journey and I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go.

And as I write this, I couldn’t help but realise how relatable this is to our health and fitness journey.

You have a goal, be it weight loss, increased strength, building your confidence or just general wellness. It’s something you’ve been wanting for yourself, and you’re excited to get started. You do your research, and all of a sudden, you’re bombarded with a million and one things about different diets (paleo, keto, Atkins, carb cycling), times of eating (intermittent fasting, snacking times), types of exercises (HIIT, LISS, time and tempo) and all of a sudden, you’re spinning with dizziness from all these buzzwords. All you wanted to do was be a bit healthier, and now you’re stressed out by all this information. And it’s making you less and less motivated.

Does this sound like you?

Cut out the noise. Do what you think you need to do (eat one healthy meal a day or go for a walk after dinner every night), and build on that.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, because that is the easiest way to lose your momentum.

Take the risk and believe in yourself. Once you do, that’s when the real magic happens.

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